On October 25th, 2015, the Parkinson Alliance held “Outside the Box” – a private event to raise funds for supporting the drug development research efforts in Gal Bitan‘s laboratory. Dr. Bitan was introduced by Dr. Jeff Bronstein, Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at UCLA and BTDD collaborator. The event was a great success and the money raised exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

We are very grateful to Carol Walton and the Parkinson Alliance, to the inspirational John Ball of Team Parkinson who has had Parkinson’s disease for more than half of his life yet keeps running marathons to raise money for the cause, to Susie and Al Lewin who hosted the even in their gorgeous Altadena home, to Edna Ball who spent many hours helping to organize the event, to Kim Vu from Vicarious Catering for the delicious food, to Jennifer Smith and her Fighting for Our Brains campaign, who came up with creative ideas to help raise funds for this event, and last but not least, to Melissa Charsette Bitan who provided wonderful entertainment with her band – Scott (Bugs) Allen on bass and horns, Trevor Jennings on keyboard, and Keith Williams on drums.